Tomato plants growing so high & toppling over

musickep(7)July 5, 2011

ok, so my tomato plants are huge and now much bigger than the tomato cages - and causing them to topple over (esp during rain storms) do I clip the tops of the tomato plants to stop growing and will it hurt the plant (leaving it bare to bugs or rain etc?) or cause disease?

Anyone else have this problem?

Next year I am not using these cages, they are worthless!!

Thank you,


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Tomatoes, especially the indeterminents, will continue to grow all season and that new growth is where the most new fruits will form. You can prune them back to keep them contained and that will not cause insect pest problems or necessarily disease problems although it may limit production some.
I tie mine to a 4 foot tall fence and then prune them back when they reach that height, sometimes allowing the suckers, those branches that form at the nodes of other branches and often have a lot of vine toward the end of the season.

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kimmsr, I am with you. I have indeterminate that I like to cut some where in between 4-5' . My personal oppinion is any higher then this and the matoes growing are just that much further away from their life source. I will cut the tops only and let the rest bush out.
For the original poster you can also buy determinant matoe plants that will grow to a determined height.

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