Cyrtochilum orgyale

flowellMay 22, 2012

I just received this orchid with an order. The plant is huge with a 6'- 7' rhizome between each PB. The entire plant is about 4 feet long. It looks like it was growing on the side of a tree. However, in every culture information site I check it is described as a terrestrial or epiphyte. I was wondering if anyone is growing this and what medium it is potted in.


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

I have never seen or heard of this orchid so i looked up the entry on Jays species site. Lovely Flowers! Those orchids with the big gap between pseudobulbs are a bit of a pain to grow. Maybe best on some sort of a mount.

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Wow! Those ARE gorgeous flowers!

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Hi Arthur
Sorry for the slow response - computer issues!
I decided to just lay it on the bench and mist it to water. Seems fine so far. I hopefully can convince it this is the best way to grow and get a bloom.

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