Moth Orchid Grown Sideways

drewtobyMay 3, 2014

I am a new orchid owner! I was given two moth orchids by a friend. However, one of the moth orchids he gave me seems to have been grown sideways, almost like a cascade bonsai in training (the other is upright). I have attached a picture of it. I am using a rock and put the clear orchid container into a bigger white cup to keep it upright.

I know that these are epiphytes and don't always grow like normal plants. I also know that the roots are fleshy and are not tolerant of being cut like bonsai roots. However, can I do anything to get this orchid upright again?

Also, is this natural or more from lack of plant rotation?

I plan to grow these in a south facing window 2 feet back and off to the side of the window to prevent excess light. I'll rotate the upright one every few days. (The sunburn spots are not new)

If I am unable to get this orchid upright should I keep it fixed towards the window? Also, any suggestions to keep the pot from falling over as it continues to grow? It is currently blooming so I will not do anything major until the flower stem dies.

Finally, is keeping the orchid in the white cup okay? Or do I need more air circulation? And what are those brown spots on the leaves?

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

You are fighting a losing battle, most of mine are tilted towards the window. Plant looks in good condition.

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Trust me we all have one. Velleta

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Trust me we all have one. Velleta

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Okay, thanks! I am new to growing orchids and was not sure what was going on.

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Yeah, that's totally fine. Some people even deliberately plant them leaning knowing that they often will anyway. They do not grow upright in nature. A major advantage of this growth habit is it's much more difficult to get standing water into the crown and to get crown rot.

To keep the pot from toppling over, use a heavier cache pot, or the main pot when repotting next time.

Do not rotate the plant when the spike is longer than a couple of inches, otherwise the spike will be all twisty and weird looking.

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That's how they grow on trees. Totally normal.


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