Orchids under a cloche...good idea or not???

ohsixthirty(Zone 6)June 16, 2009

So, I'm a total novice when it comes to the world of orchids. In fact until a few months ago I thought I would never want a plant that took so long to reflower, but suddenly I'm becoming a little addicted to them. I have five total: two phalaenopsis, one doritaenopsis, and two paphiopedilum.

Currently, I have the two paphs in the pots they came in, which appear to be the correct medium and correct types of pots for orchids. I have both of them under cloches because I thought they need humidity (plus it looks great). Also, the dtps is under a small cloche as well. Its still in its original pot, although when I checked its roots it seemed to be rotting, the ends of a couple were brown and mushy. It was on $8 special at Kroger though, so no surprise there. I cut those off and repotted it with some plain old orchid mix and put it back in its cloche.

All of these orchids are in a room with a south facing window and they all seem to be doing well so far, although last week the bloom on one of the paphs had fallen off. I think it was fading when I purchased it, but I didn't realize it would just fall off! Is that normal?

I guess my question mainly is if cloches are a good idea for these? I haven't had them for long, my collection has grown faster than my knowledge has, so I'm worried that I might unwittingly make some mistake!

Here are pictures so you can see my setup...

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Though orchids love humidity, they also love air movement. Keeping them under cover like that will eventually lead to fungal/bacterial infections and the death of the plant.

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orchids are likes human, they need air (oxygen) for "breathing" (respiration) and need good air circulation in order to have good transpiration.

so if you like to cover the orchid with cloche, i suggesting to covered them with ventilated cloche, or you open the cloche regularly.

Here is a link that might be useful: The successful elements on growing orchids at home

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orchid126(z6, NJ)

Orchids can thrive with less humidity than we are led to believe. More important is good light and air circulation. Proper watering and fertilization come next.

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ohsixthirty(Zone 6)

thanks a lot! i really appreciate the help. i'm new to all this, but i love my orchids and want them to do wonderfully!

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I'd love to know how they did under the cloches. Did you keep them in there? Did it help?

Here is a link that might be useful: Buy Garden Cloches Online Here: TheGardenCloche.com

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flower_baby(southern oregon)

Hello, I am wondering where you found those large cloches? I have been looking for a nice big one everywhere to put over one of my begonias that need high humidity, but the only one I could find was $60.

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If you are interested in trying a plant under these, any of the leafless orchids (Dendrophylax, polyrrhiza, etc...) would be a fair start. They aren't easy to grow but do appreciate slightly less air movement (particularly Polyrrhiza lindenii) in exchange for very high humidity. Even then I would still recommend placing something under one side to raise up one side a little to get some circulation.

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