Mini orchids?

dragon9206June 7, 2011


I am hoping to get a few mini orchids in my collection, but I am having a problem finding a source. I have several in mind (several I saw in the book "Miniature Orchids" by Stephen A. Frowine)

Can anyone recommend a reliable online resource? Or suggestions on good varieties? I am looking for orchids around 8 inches and under (the smaller the better! lol) I have a Den. Jenkinsii and a Wenzelii already, which I love. Really REALLY hoping to get my hands on a small Paph.

Would love some advice, thanks!

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Fred Clark at Sunset Orchids has great mini-cats. Be careful as his website has many seedlings showing spectacular pictures of the parents. What you'll get off course is a big question mark. Never the less he has many beautiful minis.

Gold Country Orchids in northern California also has many nice mini catts.


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

You could try some Tolumnia hybrids, very mini and easy to grow provided you do not over-pot or over-water them.

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highjack(z6 KY)

Andy's Orchid, Oak Hill Nursery, J&L Nursery all have sections in their nursery for miniature. They will also give you the growing conditions needed to bring them to bloom. Google should find all three vendors for you - enjoy your adventure.


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LICO Orchids at 760-942-3785 has about 15 different Tollumnia hybrids. No Web page and I dont know if they have an email. Call them if interested.


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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

The only difference between mini orchids and "regular" orchids is the size. They have the same range of conditions. You need to match the orchid to the available conditions.

So, what are your conditions?

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richardol- Size is exactly what I am shopping for right now. All my orchids are in a room shut off from my cats. 2 windows, about east and south (my house sits at an angle on my lot, so thats not exact) I live in NE Oklahoma, so the summers have rather strong sun. Shelves in front of the windows. I have humiditry trays for most of my plants. I have 7 phals, a dendrobium that was unmarked, a den. jenkinsii, a catt, a brassocattelya, and a den. wenzelii (which is brand new). All of the plants seem just as happy as can be! Not sure what conditions you would consider that, cold/warm dry/humid whatever. The room stays roughly the same temp as the rest of the house. In the winter the window get relatively cold though, being single pane.

I have always wanted a Paph, preferably a small one, since I am running out of space in my plant/work room. :S I tend to be drawn to red, purple, rust, orange, striped etc blooms when I am shopping. So far orchids marked 'easy' and 'intermediate' in the difficulty scale have all worked well for me. Currently seriously thinking about a Masdevallia I found on J & L Orchids.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

I was curious, looked up the abbreviation for Dendrochilum and its Ddc, so I'll
continue to spell it out in full on Orchid Society result pages.

Anyway, Dendrochilum wenzelii is a lovely orchid.

Additions to that collection? if the Phals. are growing well and flowering maybe the way to go is to add some orchids that grow well in Phal. conditions.

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arthurm - Thanks for the correction. It has been a very long day! lol. But you are absolutely right, the wenzelii is a Dendrochilum. Good to know the appropriate abbreviation for that one. I haven't gotten to see it bloom yet, only had that little guy for about a month. How old are those generally before they bloom?

Mostly I have am having a problem finding sources rather than appropriate plants. I checked out the three sites listed by highjack (thank you) and found some interesting things! I am always interested to know what plants other people have had experience with, and found easy to grow.

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highjack(z6 KY)

My Dendro wenzelii is in a 4" net pot and blooms reliably.

All orchids are easy if you can come close to their growing conditions. Pick what you like and will grow in your grow room.


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