Cucumber dying from roots up...zucchini also.

tnnewbie_2010August 6, 2010

We are first time gardeners and have done lasagna style soil for our vegetables. The zucchini, cucumber and tomatoes all grew splendidly and the leaves are all very green and lush. Then overnight one of our cucumber plants started dying. It almost looked as if the roots just rotted. Then the zucchini plant at the base started looking rotten too. The 4 cucumber plants have now all died the same way. The zucchini leaves are still green for now, but it also looks like it is rotting or being eaten maybe, from the bottom up. We got about 10-15 cucumbers before they all died. The last ones we picked looked a little diseased or effected by fungus, but the first ones were great and beautiful. Out of our 4 huge zucchini plants we've had about 5 zucchini all together. After hearing that zucchini plants are prolific producers I started wondering what was going on. I have pictures but am not sure how to post them. If anyone can help we would greatly appreciate some advice. My husband did see a couple of cucumber beetles, but not a lot. The cucumber leaves all looked perfect until one day they just started dying. Could it be a watering problem? A sun problem? We only get sun from noon to 6ish, but it is the only place on our property that does get sun. Hope someone can help!

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Is it possible that gophers are the problem? [dig down next to dead plant to see if you can find a tunnel]
The symptom of 'perfect one day, dead the next' sounds like gopher problems. "My" gophers are partial to green bean, tomato, and sweet potato plants ... usually hit just when the plant looks strong and healthy.

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Dan Staley

Impossible to tell without fotos with info provided. Find a photo hosting site, upload, and link to the pix there. Alternatively, at the top of the 'garden clinic' forum there is an 'image uploading' button but the quality is lower.


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Squash Vine Borer larva, Bacterial wilt, fusarium wilt. Roots that are eaten by something look much different than roots that die from a wilt or excess soil moisture, rot.

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Dan Staley

When you pull one, see if you can cut the stem lengthwise and find the ding-dang squash vine borer larva in there. That's what it looks like from here.


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Here are the photos:

Looks like SVB to me as well.


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Ooops, I missed one.


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sandhill_farms(10 NV)

Here's a picture of the SVB larve. The damage between your picture and this one are very similar so I would say that the SVB is your culprit.

Southern Nevada

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