Your non-chemical death suggestions, manual death

Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, ALAugust 15, 2012

We are smarter than plants, but not always as tenacious.

Don't have anything in particular I need to kill, just wanted to make a good list to spark people's imaginations so they don't feel so reliant on products. Let's list methods of non-chemical death, besides pulling/digging/spraying anything, (whether the label says organic or not - not a discussion about ANY products or salt or vinegar or gramma's homemade recipes.)

smothering plants or whole areas with ____ (whatever)

pouring boiling water on

tying a plastic bag over

putting an upside-down pot over

removing foliage whenever you see it

step on every day

cover with a large rock or potted plant

allow to dessicate during drought (make sure you're not irrigating it)

cover with mulch/compost pile

yank it out with a chain tied to a truck (call "call before you dig" if you don't know what the roots might be wrapped around!)

Different methods for different enemies, climates, and proximity of other plants, of course, but there's usually a manual way.

Unfortunately, manual methods are usually micro-methods, often not applicable to larger areas, but hopefully useful to those able to micro-manage some or all problem plants.

What else?

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Related to "remove the foliage", and applying to woody stuff:

cut below ground level.

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kaybradj(Portland, OR)

blow-torch for weeds in paths

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All the above works on most weeds, but not all perennials will die so easy.

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Goats or chickens

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

In a rural school where all the boys had to study agriculture I was taught that a combination of goats and sheep will graze almost anything right down to the soil if they are not allowed too much room to wander. Now and then we read of researchers who are testing goats to clear fire breaks it fire prone western areas.

On the farm where I grew up pigs in confinement would destroy all vegetation except Datura stramonium (Jimson weed).

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

For scatter cane in corn fields: Yank the plant or clump out of the ground and break the plant's neck.

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