Tomato Soft Spots

cnslr81August 16, 2008

Hi! I'm having problems with my tomato garden. Most of the tomatoes (primarily big boy, big whopper, beefsteak), with the exception of the black prince, keep developing soft spots before they are ripe and ready to pick. I read the other post about blossom end rot, but I don't think this is what the tomatoes have. The soft spots are closer to the top near the stem. Could this be caused by the same reasons as blossom end rot? Is there something I could do now to correct this?


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Soft spots are often from bruising. Is it windy in your area and the toms growing close together where they could bump? Do you have dogs or young kids that could be the source of the problem?

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No, neither. No major winds, breezy at times yes, but not super windy. No dogs or kids.


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This could be from a wide variety of reasons, ranging from a sudden growth spurt to an insect munching away inside. Is there any cracking of the fruit at the stem involved? Do you see a small hole in the side of the tomaot that might indicate the Tomato Fruitworm entered?

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There is cracking on some of the tomatoes, but not all. I do not see any small holes. I have been spraying the plants with cayenne pepper spray I've made, to prevent insects from eating at the fruit. The soft spot problem has been occuring since before I began spraying though, so I don't think it is from the spray.


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