vanda size question

dark_moon(6)June 26, 2010

are there any vandas that dont get over 2 feet tall? (top to root tip i mean)

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Depending on your location, you may want to consider looking at genera such as rhynchostylis, ascocentrum, or neofinetia that are closely related to vandas, if they're to your taste.

Also, consider looking into intergeneric hybrids (vanda crossed with other genera) since many of those are smaller growing than the large standard vanda crosses you might be familiar with.

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honestly, i know a little about the care of a vanda... but not much about the plant itself. im in kansas city MO and vandas are not a big seller here. im intending to put one in a special terrarium, with good air vent. 75-80 degree F, 80% humidity, and atrificial lighting. i could be wrong about the care though. does this sound good for it?

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oh, i meant to put in that i nkow nothing about the morphs or types...

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Some are more tolerant of cooler temperatures than others. For example i have Vascostylis Five Friendships x Ascocendra Peggy Foo growing a spike. Temperature down to 4C last night. Plant is only about 6 inches high.

There are a lot of these Intergeneric Vandaceous types. I'm sure that someone will be able to suggest some miniature ones that would like to live in a terrarium under lights. Sorry, no experience of under light culture.

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I think for a vanda thats not the greatest conditions. Heres what I'm seeing:

1.They love it hot! And keeping it at a relatively constant 75-80 degrees, which by most definitions is considered intermediate temps, wont' make it happy.

2. In many places in the US, maybe z3-7 [my guess], people are able to grow them in full sun all day during the summer. REQUIRED to get them to bloom. Artificial lights really won't cut it unless you're talking HID lights.

3. Pure size: a real species vanda won't fit in a terrarium. Depending on the size, you might be better off looking at ascocentrums and some of their hybrids, like what arthur suggested, but even then I'm not sure a terrarium would be sufficient light.

Vandas/ascocendas/rhynchostylis, all their ilk, in general aren't really ideal terrarium subjects. I'd suggest looking into various angraecoids (aerangis, mini angraecums, aeranthes...), mini bulbophyllums, small paphs (I think in the brachy section: niveum, concolor), and asian monopodials (stereochilus, sedirea, neofinetia, tuberolabium), to name a few.

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