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gazz74June 14, 2012

hi i have 3 phalaenopsis orchids i have managed to get one to reflower

another one currently ready to flower

but all three are covered in white spots , upon closer inspection they are actually holes about 1 mm across

but the underside of the leaves are all clear

any ideas what they could be im guessing some kind of insect it eating the plant

? any suggestions ?

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I have recently recieved an Phalaenopsis Orchid as a gift. It is potted and I had it in my home. I have now put it in my office at work so that it can get better filtered sunlight from my window that it was not able to get form my home.

I noticed now that the stem is being droopy,blooms are somewhat wilty, and it has a clear liquid dripping from the tip of the stem. I am worried it is on its way to dieing and I want some tips on caring for it. It is my first orchid so I need help!!

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