Orchids at Home Depot

meg1964June 12, 2008

Does anyone know what kind of orchids they sell at Home Depot? My husband bought me an orchid at Home Depot for Valentine's Day. It is growing and flowering like crazy and I would like to read up on how to care for it. Thanks

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Hi Meg1964,

Home Depot sells a little bit of everything when it comes to orchids. Around Valentines day I purchased a Nobile Dendrobium that I really fell in love with. (I've since purchased two more hybrid Nobiles) I've also purchased phalanopsis, a paph, an encyclia... well lets just say that I've purchased quite a few different varieties from Home Depot. If your orchid came with a label let us know what it says. If not than post a picture so we can take a look at it.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

If you go to the American Orchid Society website, their culture sheets have silhouettes of different orchid types so you can usually tell from that what your orchid is. The culture sheets will tell you generally what kind of care to give it.

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AOS Culture Sheets

You can probably first look at Phalaenopsis or Dendrobium, since those are the plants most likely to be sold by Home Depot in Zone 7.

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counselor4444(6A NJ)

I've also bought a bunch from HD. Great prices and as long as you get a healthy you, it's a good deal. I mostly see phalaenopsis or dendrobium in HD. However, I've also seen some local Lowe's with oncidiums, catleyas, and vandas. so, you never know.

Take some photos and post them here so we can take a look. We'll be able to tell you what genera they are in, but may not be able to tell you the specific type.


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I need to tell my local Lowe's to get their arse into gear. I wish they had catts & vandas. *sigh*

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counselor4444(6A NJ)

I was very surprised to see them. Like I said, I've only seen phals and dendrobiums at HD. I've seen phals and oncidiums at Costco. And more variety at some local Lowe's: phals, catts, vandas, dendrobiums, and oncidiums. (not with any regularity... sometimes they have tons, other times nothing)

I've only seen vandas twice at Lowe's.. and quite gorgeous ones at that. They were $40 or $50 each and were in a basket.

I've been a variety of catts at Lowe's... from large multi-blooming plants ($38 I believe) to ones that will take a year or two to bloom that were $17 each.

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Mine HD seems to have only Phals and Dens. I go to Lowes for orchids sometimes but they mainly have Phals. They sometimes get those bagged Catts.

For orchids locally my main source is Adams in Poughkeepsie,N.Y. They always have a very good variety. Onc., phals,Paphs,Catts,Cymc, Nun's orchids, etc.

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I just bought an Encyclia Rufa and an Epidendrum Mabel Kanda at my Home Depot. They were with the bagged Catts and they were $11.98 each. (3 inch pots) I didn't realize they got more than just catts in those bags. The larger selections that I'm use to were always unbagged and displayed with the phals and oncs. It looks like each HD does their own thing. My Portland OR. HD seasonally had a large and varied selection of orchid. My Dallas, TX. HD has the phals and Dens on display but everything else are coming in the bags. (They also had the catts and some Milts in bags today.)

Of course the one thing they all do the same is neglect the orchids so you have to buy them quickly. (The batch I found looked new - within a week or two) My Lowell's will mark their orchids down once all the flowers drop, my Home Depot wont. The orchids at HD are vendor owned and once they die the store gets full credit or replacements so it isn't in HD's interest to take time to care for them or mark them down. (I always ask for a discount on neglected orchids when I find one that I want so I've found the retailers that will mark down and those that will not.)

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I saw a whole rack of really nice orchids destined for the compactor at HD. I argued with the manager about giving me a discount, but he said they get full replacement value from the vendor. What a shame, all those beautiful orchids gone!

This country wastes so much.


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