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bea(9a FL)June 10, 2014

Until Recently we lived in northern KY where i had a plant room. Small A/C unit in window for night temp drops, heater for higher daytime temps, humidity is 55-70%. Light was according to what they need. I have mostly phals, 4 catts, one oncidium and one cimbidium . Only 25 total plants. We moved to Middleburg FL just south west of Jax where night temps are in low 70s but days are 90+. I have the same set up in my new plant room. I would love to put the orchids outside for a few months. My non-orchids certsinly appreciate the outdoors. From the AOS culture sheets and lots of posts at this forum I know our humidity here is right on but daytime temps which are in low 90s might be too high. What do you think?

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Maybe the catts,cimbidium or oncidium would be ok,but as for the phals that might be too much,remember. The leaves can burn very quickly and the heat would also be harsh on them.however if you have a well shaded tree it MIGHT for me my phals stay inside where I am better able to protect them. If its really something you want to do you could try one for a day and see how well it handles outdoors,but keep in mind when they go outside there is a lot of bugs and nasties just waiting to feast on them so you might have to watch out for slugs,snails,and all the others.just my two cents,others may see it differentlyðÂÂÂ.Velleta

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bea(9a FL)

Thanks for your thoughts. I was only thinking about putting them outside to give them a "vacation" as someone else said. But i think i will go with the old adage - if it ain't broke don't fix it. They're happy where they are, they look great and they bloom every year.

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Photo Synthesis

I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. It may not be FL, but it gets hot and humid here, too. Sometimes up into the 100ð+ temps during Summer. I leave my orchids outside during the warm months, and just as long as they don't get direct sun during the hottest part of the day and are kept well watered, they do just fine. They do get some direct morning and evening sun, but stay shaded throughout the afternoon. I just have to water them more often because they dry out much faster, but they love it.

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James AKA lumpy_j

I think Jane would be the person to advise you here since she made a similar move from north to south.

I think your plants should adapt to the change over time as long as you do it gradually. I would be careful with sunlight, which in Florida will be more intense than your used to, especially when combined with higher heat levels. Another thing to be careful with is your watering habits. The higher humidity levels will slow down the drying time of your media which could cause root rot


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It was a learning challenge, still is. The plants you mention should do fine outdoors. I lost a few Phals the first few months due to neglect. We moved 4 times in two years before we finally bought our house. My larger plants stayed with friends but the Phals and smaller Catts traveled along with us. My Oncidiums did okay, did lose a couple but again, they did not have proper conditions.

I grow some Phals for local businesses and they do fine outside. I grow them under some shade cloth but they do get pretty high light. Do this gradually. The night temps do drop around Nov, Dec. enough to trigger spiking. They are blooming later here because the night don't cool off in the early fall. Once the Phals begin to spike I move the plants back slowly to prevent the buds from getting baked in the sun. I still keep the light high.

I grow them with East sun with shade cloth. Yours will spike and bloom if kept outside. Your Catts should be outdoors. Gradually give them high light. I've never seen Catts bloom as often as in Florida. I'm amazed at the growth, both leaf and root.

The Oncids are tricky. They can take the heat until the nights become hot and the humidity. Light wasn't the problem, heat and humidity did them in. I would grow them indoors over the summer and move them out during the winter months. I'm amazed at the Oncids I see people grow here.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the growth you will see.

Put the Phals outside. They will love it and so will you. Just be careful of the sun.

This Phal, (mine) is still beautiful after starting to bloom in March. I moved it in the house for the AC to keep the flowers from getting Botrytis, a fungal problem which affects the flowers on some Phals and Catts. It is not deadly, just puts black spots on the white flowers. It still looks like the photo. I all my Phals outside until their buds are completely opened.

Your Cymbidium might grow well but not bloom unless it has been bred to be a warm grower. If so, it will bloom.

Get some Dendrobiums. They love the heat and the sun! You'll have flowers all the time.


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bea(9a FL)

Thanks for the advice everyone.

Jane i think i'll see about getting some dends. I also think i'll put the phals outside. Can't put the rest outside because there isn't enough light - i don't think. I live in a forest. My full sun consists of 3 hrs east sun around 9-noon. I have always grown my orchids under artificial lights. From the AOS culture sheets looks like dends would do well in an area of my yard where i grt filtered sun through the trees most of the day. What do you think? Thanks again.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

here is two rescue phals that I put out on a cassia tree last Sept. They flowered in spite of being on death row lol
I credit the exceptionally warm winter 39 was the low.
I got them for two bucks each including a clay pot.
They did not flower as heavily as they should and the flowers were way below par but I'm shocked that even lived
Was also surprised that they held up to the wind and a squirrel who uses the tree for a gynasium lol
good luck with yours !!! gary

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