Miltoniopsis for Orchidnick and others

bob8_gwJune 4, 2014

There is a little story that goes with this plant. A couple of years ago a Trader Joes opened in my area. I couldn't walk in there without buying a noid orchid or two. They have mostly coffee table phals. but occasionally have a few odd ball plants. In the winter they have maybe 2 to 4 miltoniopsis all of which are noids but the cost of their orchids are cheap so are meant to be tossed after they finish the flowering. Last year I bought about 4 miltoniopsis and maybe another 4 this year. Naturally, I don't have the heart to just toss them so but them in the greenhouse and wasn't expecting much. I noticed this one showing one spike and than another and then the total was 7. This is the only one that spiked but this is the one on the end that got more light than the rest. In any case here is a photo of the first two spikes to open, each carrying 4 flowers. If I can get the others to spike next year, I'll be looking into named miltoniopsis and selling, or giving these away. So Nick, I think I may be able to get these to grow and flourish.

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You bought 4 and got good results with one. Obviously you are doing something right, maybe the others will fall into line. I'm going to plan the same thing as I had a little success this year. I will but cheap ones with nice flowers whenever I see them. Names are not important as I'll never show them or try to get awards. I have room so if I end up with 20 of them and 4 to 5 bloom nicely, that will be a good start.

The ones that did best for me were grown on the cool side. This of course is a local comment as 'cool' in SOCAL means something totally different than 'cool' in Minnesota. I'm glad that progress is being made with these, they are pretty enough.



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Just got this one at TJ's in dark purple.

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One of my others just showed a spike, that's 3 out of 5, I believe, so it looks like I'm making inroads on these. Now I just need to get more.


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Jo, are you sure you have a Miltoniopsis. Maybe it is a Miltonia, a different animal entirely and growable in CA without the need for Deep Pockets to fund a cool glass-house.
Bob, congrats. Plant looks great.

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Hi Arthur,
Thank you for your identification. You are correct. I googled the name you provided, an exact color match to what I got appeared. It was modestly priced. From your comment, I surmise, the fancier named plant denotes a costly and rare hybrid.

Sadly, I inadvertently killed the blooms by leaving it in a closed up car on a warm day a bit too long.

A few other orchids I have grown do well. It is more the environment as a natural habitat rather than my skills, which sometimes tend to benign neglect. I have been raising African Violets for a while. They are also a natural.

The genetics behind orchid development, the precision of the taxonomy, are intriguing.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Miltonia Hybrid Honolulu 'Warne's Best'

Miltoniopsis Hybrid Unknown

The Deep Pockets reference relates to the cost of cooling down a glass-house in summer here not to the costs of buying an orchid.
Miltonia Honolulu 'Warne's Best' is in my collection and was not all that expensive.
Miltoniopsis was named Miltonia up to a few years ago and requires different growing conditions to the "warm growing" Miltonia.

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Thank you, for the education and beautiful pics! Jo

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