Would anyone recommend a fragrant orchid

olympia_gardener(5)June 26, 2012

My orchids collection are growinging! "Sharry Baby", " ,"Twinklies", Some Catt. all fragrant. I am thinking of expending/branch out my collection a little bit... grow one new variety each year, if I can control myself.

Would anyone recommend some fragrant, easy grow varieties for me to try? Thanks in advance.

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The Zygos are nicely fragrant.


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Try Neofinetia falcata or some of their crosses. Some are fragrant some are not. I would start out with the Neos first though. Extraordinary scent!!! Beautiful small plants!!! Different variations!!! In my opinion, pretty dog-gone easy to grow.
You should also look for the Steven Frowine book on fragrant plants.Ginnibug

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Phal. 'Perfection Is Chen' is easy to grow & very fragrant.

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Nick, Ginnibug, and Papillon, All are excellent choice. They are indeed fragran and different than the ones I currently grow. One originally from South America, One from Asia , and the Phal... is the odd ball for most Phal aren't fragrant, but this one is.
I will make a trip to local orchid farm to see which one is available to try this year, and put the rest in my wish list. If they are all available, I may get myself lost! LOL. Thanks guys for your recommendation.

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whitecat8(z4 MN)

If you like Phals, you're in luck - there are bunches of fragrant species, primaries, and hybrids.

As far as I know - anything with amboinensis, violacea, or bellina in it is likely to be fragrant, plus most (all?) of these are compact or stay smallish for a long time and are summer bloomers.

Other Phal species are fragrant, but I don't know how large they get, if space is a consideration.

Most all the online vendors have a category for fragrant orchids, including Phals.

1. My Phal Tsu Chiang Balm (An Tai Jade x Stone Dance) stays compact and has branching spikes. Colors are true:

2. Perhaps difficult to find now, but Phal I-Hsin Salmon 'Joy No. 3' (Princess Midas x Kuntrarti Rarashati) also is compact, often sends up 2 spikes twice a year and has a lovely fragrance. Loooove this orchid. Colors are true:

3. Phal equestris 'orange.' Miniature? Mine from Big Leaf hasn't bloomed yet, but spiked on a plant w/ two, 3" mature leaves & a small new leaf:

4. Phal Princess Kaiulani 'Chin Yo' (amboinenses x violacea) - hasn't bloomed yet. Again, blooms on small, young plants & stays compact. Photo from UK Orchid Forum. Just about all the photos I've seen have this riotous coloring:

All reportedly compact & fragrant:
Aussies Delight 'Zuma Beach' AM/AOS
Cordova 'Maria Teresa' AM/AOS
Orchid World'Joe' AM/AOS
Sogo Firework 'Orchidheights'
Summer Venus 'Orchid Konnection' HCC/CCM/AOS

Not sure about size: Brother Sweet Sugar 'Montclair'

Bulbos. I always ask the vendor if anyone on the planet would find the aroma offensive. If you're interested, I've got a copy of Brooke's list of 31 sweetly-scented Bulbos.

Dens. Loads have terrific aromas.

Coelogynes. Many are fragrant.

Cymbidiums. There are fragrant large, compact, and miniature warmth-tolerant Cyms. SBOE on the Cymbidium Golden Elf 'Sundust,' HCC/AOS: This fragrant golden-yellow alba miniature is so floriferous it first bloomed while still in the flask.

I've got to stop Googling around - no more space for any new orchids.

Neostylis, a popular intergeneric of Neo and Rhynchostylis. If you Google "Neostylis orchids," you'll get options. It's my understanding all are fragrant.

These threads about fragrant orchids in general: http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/load/orchids/msg0215001819646.html


Numerous options here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/ossc/discuss/72157626922076580/

Well, this was a delightful search. Have fun, and let us know your final choice! WhiteCat8

Here is a link that might be useful: Fragrant Phals & a few others

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

I note you like Cattleyas. The most gorgeously fragrant orchid I ever saw was in a conservatory in North London, England. It was a primary Cattleya hybrid (aclandiae x guttata) also known rather prosaically as Cattleya Landate. It was an enormous plant with dozens of blooms. I noted that they kept the conservatory very warm, with windows closed. I asked why they didn't open them. "We're afraid to, in case people run into the street throwing off their clothes".

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I currently have Hknsa. Koolau Sunset "Hawaii", a dark red Cattleya type and Onc. Gold dust, which is a mini with sprays of small gold flowers. Both have a wonerful fragrance. (And, both are still alive after several years of my care which suggests they are fairly hardy!)

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Wow, Thanks all. I learnt a lot here about varieties of fragrant orchids just to post a thread. My orchid world open wider, my collect-them-all mood almost kicks in, So tempted!
Whitecat, thank you for searching the old forum. Somehow the search buttom does not work for my computer, the screen go blank evertime I click the seach buttom. I suspect something to do with how the firewall was set up or imcompatibility of IE, maybe. If you don't mind to share, I would like to have a copy of Brooke's list of 31 sweetly-scented Bulbos.
ifraser25, I will be in London sometime next spring/summer, do you have name/address of that conservatory? If I can get around there, I would like to pay a visit to see that gorgeous orchid you are recommending.

Meg_w, I have white, purple, and yellow Catt. but don't have red yet. If you have picture of your Catt. blooming, would you post it?

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This is my Hknsa. Koolau Sunset "Hawaii". It opens very dark and fades with time. The buds are from the same spike.

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zozzl(z9 FL)

Blc. Tatarown is a particularly vigorous and fragrant cattleya. It fills up a whole room and the scent is strong for most of the daylight hours. Very, very easy grower. It does get large as it has guttata in its background. The flowers last for weeks!

My photo looks a bit washed out. The color is actually more green and it is very striking.

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Meg, this is very beautiful flower!. I love its dark red color and velvet appreance. Thanks for recommending it. I will put its name down the list. Where did you get yours?
Zozzl, this is indeed srtiking flower, green, very unusual! I don't have green colored orchids. This one is a keeper. Thanks a lot!
Boy, I am so glad I posted this thread.

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Hi, guys/girls. Thank for all of your recommendations. I finally made to local orchid farm and bought 3 fragrant babies. Did I say 3? forget about 1 new addition a year plan. Plan just changed at the farm. LOL
Here are what I got:

Neofinetia falcata is in bloom. Of course my nose chooses this. I love its fragrant! So pure and pleasant.

Here are waht I was very tempted and high in my list:

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lisascenic Urban Gardener, Oakland CA

I'm trying to inhale these photos....

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