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MichaelAugust 8, 2014

The article published in Academics Review is rather long and dry reading, at the very least, scroll down to the conclusions section and read it. If you want to tackle the whole thing, get comfortable and go for it, it is very comprehensive review of the organic food industry. Such work is rare in today's literature on the subject. I realize there are those who will disagree with portions of the article and others who will refuse to even read past the first quarter of it plunging their heads into the sands of ignorance. We don't have to agree with all or any of it. Let the comments and debate begin:)

Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Marketing Report article

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Not a lot of people are fans of that article/report/paper/study/whatever.

Neither of the guys who authored it have any experience in marketing even if they have experience with food production, genetics, and chemistry. The same reason they have no business writing papers on marketing is the same reason Stephanie Seneff has no business writing about sulfur supplements and herbicides.

Besides that, Dr. David Tribe is an embarrassing "anti-organic" crusader who spreads 1/2-truths and outright lies about the industry in between the occasional nugget of well presented fact.

Academics Review was founded to collectively eye-roll the grand idiot Jeffrey Smith (speaking of someone who has no business pretending to be an expert), but it very quickly de-evolved into an anti-organic, pro-anything-non-organic weird thing.

Thankfully, people who are pro-GMO/pro-chem/etc mostly dismissed and walked away from these guys rather than celebrating their existence or pretending what they're writing is ground breaking research.

A lot of people don't have time for intellectual dishonesty no matter how passionate the subject.

It would be nice if some who are "anti-GMO/chemical/etc" would vet their own mouthpieces rather than following them off an intellectual cliff because they're saying something they want to hear.

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As a fellow vegetable crops researcher friend said to me recently, "follow the money". it is tragic today that so many are using the organic/GMO/pesticide, etc. topic to make a buck whether it is self professed experts on blogs to media outlets to ag. interests large and small. It's not too shocking to imagine what we all want and need is a safe, nutritious, affordable, available food chain in this country. So many actors are involved in the chain we have and call me a cynic but, I believe the vast majority are in it to line their pockets and/or inflate their egos, damned shame! Keep growing your own folks and never stop learning and searching for truth. A friend of mine once told me that when you're pointing your finger at someone there are 3 of yours pointing back at you, I try to remember that:)

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Growing to eat is the wayâ¦

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