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orchidnickJune 25, 2011

I just traded for about 30 tubers of Pterostylis curta. They are firm, healthy, good sized tubers however some of them have already initiated with 1mm to 3mm sprouts. They have only been dormant for 2 month. Home for them has been Indianapolis which apparently has had a cold summer so they think it's already fall.

In Southern California we have a wonderful condition called 'June Gloom'. During the night a marine layer of low clouds rolls in and keeps our mornings cool until it burns off. This usually comes to an abrupt end in early July and then there is burning heat until as late as Nov/Dec. The days are already getting shorter but for us, summer has not even started yet.

If I encourage these tubers to continue sprouting, they will show leaves in our early summer and be way ahead of the curve. Should I place them in a shady spot outside and let them get used to local conditions, or put them in the cold greenhouse, let them think it's fall and let them continue sprouting?

Your suggestion will be appreciated, Nick

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Hi Nick, you have asked the wrong person, i have never attempted these

So i referred your post to an expert who replied....
Arthur , he could put them in the crisper in the fridge for a couple of months or plant them in a shady spot in a mix incorporating some barely moist sphagnum moss. More important to keep the tubers cool, the leaves are more tolerant to summer heat (L.A. is the same latitude as Sydney) Most Ptst. love to be crowded,but only barely moist till the rosettes have appeared.

But then i thought maybe you could grow some or all of them in your cool house (but that doesn't get you over them problem of getting them in sync). Not sure how long from the first growth to flowering but it would be nice to see a few blooms.

These are probably the widest grown and easiest of all the Australian Native Terrestrials to grow. I looked up the local OS Database and most are exhibited
in August.
Sydney weather in August 2010...
Min Max
9.5 18.3 mean
6.4 15.0 lows
12.8 24.6 high.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nesbitt's notes

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Thank you for the advice. I have read Nesbitt's comments before, very helpful.

What I will do is split the tubers I have, half will sit in complete shade under a tree and the north side of the house and receive next to no water until I see green. The other half will sit in the cold house and wait there for sprouting. I also have one tuber each of curta x nutans, obtusa and Ptero x furcillata sitting in the cold house waiting for the tooth fairy.

Hope some of them will do something.


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