Monstrous vandas

catlover_gardenerJune 21, 2011

I have had four monstrous vandas growing in baskets but their roots have crawled all over the wall they hung on. Their roots are over 6 feet long and they look like old men. Stalks are skinny, black and gnarled, but they bloom - mokaras.

On SUnday I decided to pull from wall and repot and clean up. I sprayed with Organicide -bactericide, fungicide and insecticide - and repotted in new baskets and rehung.

Should I cut off some of the length of the roots? I had to rewind them and tuck into baskets bz they touch the ground below. Roots are brown and green. I suppose they are healthy. Some of leaves have black spots, they were always in the sun, and the main stalks are black and covered with a brown, crispy, papery-like skin. I washed everyone in detergent and water and sprayed, then hung em out to dry.

I also had to cut off tops bz they had grown so tall some of them had offshoots, three or four each plant.

So will they live, and grow again. Such drastic measures sometimes kill my orchids, but I had to do this to these old guys.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I think they will probably survive but will slow them down. I used 12 types to form a hedge between two queen palms because I got tired of trying to contain them lol.
This is the third year and two have already grown over 8 feet tall.. An unbelievable tangle of roots they love growing into the folds of the palm fronds. I added some epicatts, epidendrums,as well as some broms . just to see what happens. as well as a Nepenthes that I can't contain. Should be glorious someday and I no longer have to "contain" them !!! A neighbor told me that my palms would really be beautiful if I'd remove the "weeds" growing up the trunks lol.
Good luck with 'containing" Vandas an excercise in futility ?? lol gary

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Thanks for the response.
What do you mean a hedge? Did you put them in the ground and then they grew up the trunks of the palm?
I think I am going to stuff some sphagnum into the pots to provide some moisture for the roots, because now the tops are cut. Is that ok?
Or should I mist every day-the roots, that is?

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

A friend sent me some pix fron the Singapore bo gardens
They were growing them in rows supported by wire much as you'd grow grapes They referred to the method as a "Hedge" In my case I had the two joined queens so I added a basin between for epidendrums the vandas are simply wired to the palms depending on the type. I used no media for them but did add some sphag for the epicatts.
A couple of the strap leaafs are still in the slat baskets ,when they attach to the palm will remove the slats. So far i like the method as it allows them to watered with the hose and of course the roots can go anywhere they choose . Have never used any media for vandas
because of the only problem I've encounterd "ROT" lol
I wouldn't use any media at all but would water frequently . They seem to be the most "picky" about drainage of all orchids . They really are true epiphytes for sure. I wouldn't mist as most nights result in the dew point so I often find them very wet in the mornings in spite of the continuing drought. good luck with them !!! BTW If you find a method to make Vandas grow contained please share it!! gary

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Thanks for response.
I have never grown them in pots. I imagine that can be done since the roots grab onto whatever. My wall is all criss-crossed with the marks left by the roots. And they seem to dig down into the soil at the base of the wall.
I just hope they continue to grow.
Thanks again for the suggestions and the words of wisdom.

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coffeemom(Broward z10)

so are you looking to trade or sell the offshoots?

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Yeah, really! You can sell those top-cuttings if they're long enough and have roots! Can't grow 'em up here w/out a lot of electric light supplementation. Sigh

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