My Poor Orchid!! :(

courtney_jayJune 30, 2010

Hello, I bought this orchid at a show and it was absolutely gorgeous. A Cattleya hybrid I believe with large white flowers. But after the flowers died the plant began to look really bad. Despite the very sorry looking leaves, there IS a new green shoot working it's way up. I've posted a link to the pictures I took. If you have any suggestions for me, please help! I love this plant and I would like to save it! I don't really know if I need to replant or change the waterings or anything else. Please help!

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Before we can to tell you whether to change anything, we need to know how you are currently growing it. What appears to be sunburned (blackened) leaves make me think it's outdoors and for a catt this time of year that is good. Pics are too small to see the new growth or the shape of the growing media. I'd probably not repot until the new growth starts putting out roots.

Cattleyas enjoy good strong light, but not lots of direct sunlight for most of them. The plant needs to almost totally dry out before giving it a thorough watering. You can place a wooden kabob skewer down into the media, pull it out & check for moisture. Try to replace it into the same spot, hopefully minimizing root damage.

In addition to light & moisture, the plant needs moving air. If you're growing indoors or in a GH, a fan nearby will take care of that need.

With new growth, there is hope for your plant. A close-up pic of the new growth would be helpful.

Good luck :)

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