Scale on Peace Lilies

cnslr81August 3, 2008

Hello everyone! I'm copying this post from "houseplants" since I wasn't receiving any replies.

I wanted to know if anyone has good ways of getting rid of and preventing scale on peace lilies. I have a large peace lily in my office at work, and every few months or so scale appears on the stalks. I did you an insectidable soap on and off for years and would cut off the leaves/stalks with scale. I'm afraid my attempts merely rid the scale that is visable, but I'm not certain if there are eggs somewhere in the plant.

As said above, the plant is large and in my office (second floor), so I typically try to do my best taking care of the plant in the office without having to have it leave the building. I did have to repot it a few years ago, and it was a bit challenging carrying it up and down the stairs, let alone having it sit in my car without dirt getting on the seats/floor.

Additionally, I do have Organicide which would probably work, however it has a great amount of neem oil in it. I'm not a fan of neem oil yet while I tolerate it at home,I wouldn't want to have to stink up the office with it and make my colleague suffer. Any other suggestions?


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If you could take it outside, you could spray it with horticultural oil. This is not a permanent cure, but it should keep you going for at least half a year.

Another thing you can do is, when you're composing (where I work, they call it "crafting" - ick!) an e-mail and get stuck about what to say next, inspect your peace lily instead, and if you see any scale, wipe it off with a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol.

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Thanks, I did wipe off all of the stems with alcohol today. I sprayed it with some insecticidal soap afterward. I will just keep my fingers crossed now.


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michelle1977(9 N FL)

I am new to gardening ... so just a warning. :-) I was advised to put coffee grounds in the soil around my sago palm and pos. even spray it with a diluted coffee to coat the leaves to prevent scale. I am not even sure what scale is or if it would be the same for your peace lily.. so.. maybe some of you experienced people could back me up.. or explain why it this is not good.

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Michelle, good idea. You know, I compost my coffee grinds at home and I haven't even thought of bringing some into work.


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