Needing help with corn borers

brarizonaAugust 13, 2012


I'm trying to raise a batch of sweet corn in a 4x4 raised bed in the desert of Tucson, AZ. It was going beautifully. Tassels sprouted, silks emerged, saw a few ladybugs working on the aphids. Now, I have seen a couple little worm/caterpillar-looking varmits. They are drilling holes in my perfect little baby corns! They disgust me! I have been going out twice a day to search for them and I have practically covered the plants with diatomacious earth. Is there anything else you guys can recommend?


BR in AZ

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In the ears of the corn or the upper stalks that would probably be the Corn Earworm rather then the Corn Borer which usually is a root eater.
If in the corn ears a few drops of mineral oil can help, Bacillus thuringiensis or Spinosad if applied in the earluy life stages can help keep them from the ears. Pyrethrin based dusts might be a last resort.

Here is a link that might be useful: Corn Earworm

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