Correct Name of Orchid Variety

velamina(7)June 30, 2010

Hi all, I'm new to the forum and enjoy being here. I've gotten wonderful feedback so far and wonder if you can help me with this question. (I promised myself I wouldn't start collecting orchids until I nursed my first one back to health. Well, I can already see where this is going - addiction!).

I went and purchased a beautiful phal today (haha, I know its boring to you collectors), which I will consider my "first" real beginner orchid. I drove an hour to get to this place and it is a beautiful, huge orchid house. The problem is that:

a) I couldn't even tell you which one I purchased; I would have to call up and ask or find a picture as it seems they don't label.

b) It looks like you can't really request any by name. You would have to just see what she has (she has too many to scout them out for you).

c) The woman (owner) speaks with a very heavy accent, and gets frazzled very easily.

I called her after I returned home to ask her about a beautiful one that I almost bought and was very fragrant (not recommended for me yet). I think the name she gave me for the one that I REALLY wanted was "Oncidium Walt Willy Wonka". However, I'm not able to pull up anything on the internet.

Can this be the right name? I thought it was lovely and would like to research it. As always, I appreciate all your help.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

There is a register of orchid names held at Kew in England. Thousands and thousands of hybrid Names. There is no register of variety names to record the variation that occurs within each crossing as each seed grows and flowers.

There is an FAQ on "what does all this name stuff mean"

Tried Oncidium Walt on the RHS search ... no positive result
Tried Willy on the RHS positive result.

Sometimes people just make up names. One Novice Grower had all her Cymbidiums Labeled Cymbidium Barney Wallis. I said to her one day "how come you have got all these Cymbidium Barney Wallis plants". She said he was a guy that lived down the street who gave her a lot of Cymbidiums.

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Arhturm, thanks for the response. I know now that it will be difficult to research the one that I saw, unless I call her again (sigh).

If I stay on her good side, maybe she'll get inspired to name one after me ;D

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I didn't think it was possible but I found it. It took me quite a while but I was determined. The correct name is odcdm. Wild Willie Wonka :)

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Orchidworks should be ashamed. I might believe

Odontocidium Wildcat ' Willie Wonka'
Colmanara Wildcat 'Willie Wonka'

Did you read the FAQ "what does all this name stuff mean"?

In any case a lovely orchid. Colmanara Wildcat was changed to Odontocidium Wildcat a couple of year ago. I know this stuff is a pain but names are important so that orchid growers can communicate.

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I read some of the faq and there is a lot of useful information there. The only prayer I had really was trying to decipher what she communicated, and having some more familiarity with the plants. She could very well have said anything to me that began with an O. I will have to learn to speak French :)

Thanks for the much more accurate info; it's much easier to work with those names. I think my taste favors this type of orchid (odontocidium)....for now. If I have to be poetic, she is definitely not as "loud" or vane as phalaenopsis, but she will make you look twice :)

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