Successful experiment!!!!!!

kept(6)August 1, 2010

In the spring I asked this forum if using row cover on my peach tree would keep the insects off the peaches since it is normally "fruitless" to try to grow organically in my buggy midwest climate. Some said it might work so I made long rectangle shaped bags and wire tied them around some of the branches leaving room for growth. My neighbors and friends chuckled at me but I'm the one laughing now! I have the best peaches ever! The peaches outside of the bags have some insect damage and serious scab. Peaches inside have just a little scab and no insect problems! So next year all my dwarf fruit trees are getting the row cover treatment, some sulfur spray and my neigbors can laugh all they want. LOL


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Congratulations on your peach crop! We don't seem to have much problem with bugs or scab on our peaches, but we do have serious brown rot. Sulfur spray has really made a difference with that and we had a great crop this year. We did have to do some judicious paring of the fruit because many of them had a few spots of the rot, but we ended up with a lot of peach slices in the freezer and a lot to eat out of hand.

The last time we were in France we noticed white netting over extensive orchards of fruit trees, although we couldn't see what kind they were. I wonder if that's why they were using it.

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Congrats on your experiment. I'm going to try it next year. Wonder if the netting will also keep rats and squirls out of fruit trees? My main gripe is birds AND japanese beetles ..UGH! I found some pretty good videos that help to show how its done ... looks like a 2 man job.

Here is a link that might be useful: Netting fruit trees

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Thanks for your responses. I saw 3 cardinals playing around with the idea of taking out my much prized peaches. We took off the row cover and it's taking longer then we thought for the peaches to be ready to pick. Anyway, I'm watching closely because any of the things you both mentioned could become a problem.

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Kept: did it also keep birds from pecking the fruit? I have used those ankle length nylons that women wear on their feet to cover the fruit for insect control for 2 years now but have yet to come to any conclusions as to their effectiveness. The most likely candidates here for insect problems are Green June Beetles and Oriental Fruit Moth on peach; fortunately, the pressure from both have been pretty light in the last 2 years. The nylons don't keep birds from pecking the fruit, of that I am certain. Go to the Fruit and orchards forum and search, "Footies" for discussions on the nylons and their uses on peach fruits for insect control.

Bummer about the Scab, that isn't yet a problem here.

Congratulations on this year's crop! this is the first year for my tree to produce well, 160 fruit harvested, about 1/4 - 1/2 lb each with the vast majority in the 1/2 lb range. Last year would have been pretty darned good too but I let the tree's soil get so dry in the Spring that it started rapidly losing leaves and eventually fruit. Only had 40 fruit last year but they were tasty!

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