Mimosa Weed -- how to kill it ?

sedgehammerSeptember 5, 2006

At least I am told this is the name of the weed. It looks like a baby mimosa tree and has little pea like seeds on the underside of the weed. I need help getting this weed under control.

Some areas have grown up to over a foot tall and I was able to cut those with shears and bag them. But the problem is in an area where the lawn has not been kept up (to the side of a garage where only the dog seems to venture), and this stuff is like a carpet on the ground. The mower will not hit it, and it would be next impossible to cut all of it out.

Is there a good organic type weed killer that will kill it, and how can I prevent it from coming back once it is gone ? ? I would also like to allow for the St. Augustine (what little is still there) to live through this assualt on the weed.

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The only organic herbicide that really works is digging the unwanted plants up. All others contaminate the environment.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Sounds like the weed in question is vetch. If so, the seeds are viable for many years.

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

Might it be Mimosa pigra?

Try doing a keyword/image search for that to check.

You (& your page) don't say where you are, but your county extension service might be of help.

I agree that manual removal is usually the least harmful to the environment - your back &/or body is another story...

FWIW, there are some herbicides that are a lot less toxic than Roundup, et al. - try Planet Natural for some ideas:

Here is a link that might be useful: Planet Natural - Weed Control

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barton(z6b OK)

Sounds to me like partridge pea. Mine is blooming and setting seed now. I think it's pretty, and it grows in this awful soil where nothing and I mean NOTHING was growing. I figure if it is green and growing I'll leave it. Being in the pea family it's probably fixing nitrogen also. (I may be sorry.)

You could put down newspaper over it, with heavy mulch on top of that, and leave it for a couple of seasons, to smother it.

Here is a link that might be useful: partridge pea

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Thanks for the responses !

Carol, I am in Texas. Houston area.

Barton, it looks similar to the partridge pea, but not 100%.

After looking around more, this just may be it ...

Phyllanthus urinaria --- CHAMBERBITTER ('little mimosa')

But still not certain.

Here is a link that might be useful: Another look

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I see this thread is almost 4 years old but has anyone found out what this weed is? I also have it all over my patio and yard. I always thought it was a tree seedling in the mimosa family but there are no mimosa type trees anywhere in the area. It's exactly as sedgehammer described it, with the tiny seeds on the underside of the stems. The leaves fold flat at night. Thanks.

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Yep,gardeniarose,I just saw this post today because I have the weed to,taking over everything lol.Sedgehammer has the right ID,but the links no longer work,but here's one that does........http://www.aragriculture.org/horticulture/ornamentals/weed_id/chamberbitter.htm

Here is a link that might be useful: Mimosa Weed

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