New Zealand garden photos

pippimac(New Zealand)September 30, 2009

I've finally worked out the photo thing, so please indulge me...

I'm in the Southern hemishere, so it's spring and the brassicas haven't all bolted yet. (those giant caulis are 'violet Sicilian' and their heads get massive. Impress your friends: grow enormous purple cauliflowers!

And broad beans. Me, the bumblebees and the worms think broad beans rock!

And tomatoes. I've gotta give away loads; my garden's really only big enough for 10 plants. I keep having these sick fantasies featuring hundreds of tomatoes on acres of land.

By the way, the shrubs in the middle/top photo are natives. New Zealand plants aren't showy, but they're beautiful.


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anney(Georgia 8)


They're beautiful! Have you mixed ornamentals and edibles in the same plots? I see containers and also what look like in-ground plants, too.

[Your last two pictures don't show, but when you click on the little symbols, they open. If you put a Return between the photo links, they will show up one by one vertically.]

I've always wanted to visit New Zealand!

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brien_nz(New Zealand)

Pippimac have you read my reply to your earlier post? In particular are you interested in exchanging chile pepper seeds?

Here is a link that might be useful: NZ Gardeners and Garlic

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Is that a lovely little rose campion I spy? Do you shear it to get it to stay so full and compact? Wish I was in NZ now! We're just about to enter blizzard season. Ah, NZ. All the beauty of New England packed into a country 500 miles long and 180 miles wide. Loved Wellington. Kinda a cross between Camden Maine and Portsmouth New Hampshire. The South Island Rocks! The lush foliage, ferns, bromeliads all along the mountain passes from Franz Josef to Christchurch. One could stand by the ocean at 45 degrees, then walk uphill a couple hundred yards and be standing in snow. Apricots the size of lacrosse balls, and you needed a bib to eat them. Eucalypts that rival our mightiest oaks. Pints of Lion Brown and Steinlarger for 50 cents, delivered fresh daily by tank truck to my favorite pub in Wellington. And the people were just as nice as their country! Thanks for sharing the pics and reviving some memories. Enjoy a beautiful summer in you beautiful country!

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