Phal leaf color change

greentoe357June 22, 2014

I saved this almost rootless Phalaenopsis from drowning at Lowes for 50% off 10 months ago. (Do not do it - not worth it and not recommended especially if you are a beginner like me. Buy strong healthy plants just starting to bloom instead.)

Anyway, it's grown a couple of these smaller leaves, which apparently is fine, till it gets really healthy - but this one leaf is losing its juicy-healthy-green color, especially close to margins and the midrib, and is getting very silvery-yellow-green-looking instead.

What's up with that? Is this how the dreaded Phalaenopsis mite damage looks like?

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Looks like sunburn.

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It's 6-7 inches from 2 T5 fluorescent bulbs. My uncalibrated cell phone light meter app shows 300-350 fc.

An identical Phal that has smaller degree of discoloration like this is on another shelf 9-10 inches from 2 T5s, and the light intensity measures there at 800-850 fc (I guess that reflector is better and/or lamp position is more directly above).

Does not look like the light is too strong from these numbers. I touched the leaves, and they do not feel warm, so it's not the lamps' heat either. What then?

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I agree it looks like some sort of heat/cold damage. It could be bugs but I can't tell from the photo. If the new leaf looks healthy, I wouldn't be concerned. What bothers me is the size of the leaf. It should be larger.

I would fertilize and water the plant to get full growth on the newest leaf. If that leaf stays small it suggests the plant isn't getting enough light.


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The youngest couple of leaves are small likely because it was missing almost all the roots when I got it 11 months ago. I am hoping for larger leaves, 'cause roots have grown a lot since then.

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