Help asap going out of town! What about my orchids

rwood24June 25, 2010

Okay Tom evening I'm going to visit my mom 4 hours away til Monday ( will be gone 72 hours). My concern is my orchids as I constantly mist which I won't beable todo this. I'm not to concerned about watering. But let me know if I should be. Lighting is a pain as I use half sunlight and half artificial. I'll need timers I assume. I've got a variety of all types, phal, paph, vanda, dendro, oncid, lycaste, bulb, catts, rene marques, b nodosas, I'm sure I forgot some. So I have them all growing in did parts of house. I plan to leave ac set about 72 auto. I have a neighbor that I could ask to help out but last week somebody stole my boys ps3 from his house and right now I trust nobody in the neighborhood. So any advice on how to leave successfully for 3 days and come back to orchids fine I have no money for humidifier at the moment. But I use tons of trays with water and rocks. My humidity is norm 50-55% I'm pretty sure it's gonna drop by the second. I need help I almost don't want to leave as 3 are in bud and I've never seen bloom. Any advice is much appreciated! Have a great weekend everyone.

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

I don't see anything 'tender' on your list that can't be just left behind for 72 hours. Water them well, put them on the kitchen counter, and have a nice visit with mom. They don't need water or misting or strong light while you are gone for such a short time.

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Same as sensitive tropical fish. Better off to leave them alone for 3 days than have someone do God knows what to them. I would just leave them and enjoy the trip, they'll be fine when you come back.


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Don't worry. Orchids won't be hurt if they don't get misted for 3 days (at least the ones you listed). Just move them into a shady area. Enjoy your trip!

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orchid126(z6, NJ)

Orchid 123 is on the right track with "shady" as the plants won't dry out so much.

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Just wanted to follow up on how my chids are and they are better then when I left my paph sanderianum ( prob spelled wrong) now has it's first spike since in my hands bout half in to 3/4 but i darn sure didn't see it when I left. Also my phals have bloomed full force all but one bud do you think me not misting for a couple days and watering motivated the plants to start new growth? Thanks again for all you insight!! I love this forum such great friendly folks

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Someone told me that after an orchid finishes blooming I can lay it down on the ground and bury the long main stem after cutting slits at the joints and it will sprout roots like other woody plants do. I was told not to cut it off from the main plant. this is the way I root hydrangers, and gardenias.
Will this work?

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