Safe and attractive slug repellent containers

rosiewSeptember 10, 2011

I was touring, via the internet, Prince Charles Organic Gardens at Highgrove. Saw these slug bells. Now wondering how to duplicate them. Would like to hear your ideas.

They seem very well designed for safety purposes. Want to locate something that could be used for the bait holder as shown.

Here is a link that might be useful: Safe slug repellent containers

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Bumping. This idea might not be novel. I don't know as I haven't dealt with slug problems, but know a lot of you have.


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flora! Wonderful having another sleuth across the pond. I have no use for xenophobes of any stripe. Boo to you, snarkyslugone.

I don't think anyone has spoken to how these work, if they work. That was my original intent. We'll see.

Meanwhile, my child #3 is in Warwick on business. Don't think I'll ask him to go out of his way shopping for me.

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If I were to make a device that served as an attractive bait station for slug pellets, I would start with a flower pot and paint to taste. Or, I would get one that is already painted with a pattern I enjoy. Gee, these are nice:

Then I would get some twine and metal washers

Then I would put a knot into the twine and slip a metal washer on to it. That would serve to hold the pot onto the twine once the drainage hole was slipped onto the twine from the same end that the washer was placed.

At the other end of the twine, I would slip a metal drain basket up until it was concealed by the flower pot and let that serve as the bait holder.

I would then put a knot in the twine below the basket to hold it in place. I would slip another washer between the basket and the knot if the hole in the basket was too large to allow the basket to rest on the knot alone.

Another knot and washer a few inches further down would serve to weight the twine to the ground so the slugs could clime up.

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gargwarb, you've nailed it! I think I'd maybe substitute copper wire, maybe even telephone wire so it wouldn't rot. That basket is perfect.

Said I didn't have slug problem, but I probably have slugs, so may test to see.

Thanks for finding all these items and posting.


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The slugs might not like climbing on the copper wire. If you want to use metal instead of string, maybe try soldering wire.

Although, to be honest, I really don't know how well they would clime that. Wire might be a little smooth for them. Maybe someone with a more in-depth knowledge of slug climbing ability can chime in.
I was also thinking the basket might get a bit tippy so you could also do a little creative wire bending to help keep the basket from tipping to one side or the other.

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Dan Staley

Apparently the man regrets going into business and seeks to get out.

Anyway, having lived in Gullyvornia for many years, you try all sorts of things to trap slugs and snails, and a simple turning over of an old moistened terra cotta pot will do the trick, and its free. But you have to kill them yourself. Garg's trick would be fun for the Girl Scout project, surely.


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Seriously Dan, I didn't even think of that. My wife actually does run my daughter's troop. That's a tremendous idea!

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Dan Staley


I work with lots of kids on outdoor projects, so always looking for inexpensive projects...


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