Native South Florida Orchids

booeyschewyJune 5, 2012

Anyone know of legitimate sources of native south florida orchids. I want to grow them and native bromeliads on neighborhood trees to help repopulate the are and look nice. I'd like to get ahold of cyrtopodium punctata, ghost orchid, and some of the native vanillas (phaentha, the leafless vine varieties). I've had no luck, and i did find ghost orchid but pricey.

Also any advice for affixing them to trees outside? I've done it, but tricks would be nice. I have pond apple, mahogany, indian almond, mango, palms, jackfruit, avocado, etc., at my house.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Why not start with something easy like this..

Encyclia tampensis
Certainly legitimate (not wild collected) line bred and i've found it to be easy to grow and a delight.
Forget about the Ghost Orchid.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Check with some of the local O societies ,not only for sources but legal requirements . There are over 40 species and many come under CITES regs Will warn you that most are not nearly as impressive as the tropicals lol
keep us informed with what you find out??? gary

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