malathion and fungicide and fertilize at the same time

megan_at_setgoddessJune 4, 2011

hi all :)

i need some serious advice as my time has become super crunched and after tossing about 100 orchids 2 years ago i'm trying to hold onto the clan i still have.

i am fighting a serious mealy bug issue very shortly after almost a victorious fight with the scale. Two weeks ago I had to put all of the kids in large buckets and soak them overnight as i've been so swamped with work that, though i knew it was a bad idea, - it was more important that they got watered. and of course, one of them had a virus that spread.

So here I am with wanting to commit to a stinky malathion treatment but was wondering if after today's major watering - is it safe to do multiple treatments at the same time in the correct doses?

I was hoping to fill a massive barrel with the correct 1.25 tsp/gallon malathion and the equivalent gentle doses of fungicide and fertilizer per gallon and do all three at the same time.

Safe or not? again, they are well watered and will do it in cool temps.

and repeat in 10 days

Any feedback would be amazing

many thanks!!!!!


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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

If you truly have a virus throughout your collection there is no cure. If you have a known virused plant and it is not very special, you should have tossed it out.

Forgetting about virus for a moment, to get mealy bugs do a 5-step approach. 1-alcohol with a small amount of dish soap in a sprayer. Remove and brown material from the plant. Spray the plants one at a time all over using lots of the spray. This will destroy flowers, but if it is as serious as you indicate, they need to be sacrificed.

2-Set a plain water spray bottle for a strong stream and wash ALL bug bodies away. Any crevices and leaf joints wash with water.

3-Spray the whole plant with Bayer Advanced Rose and Flower insect killer.

4-Start using Bayer All in one Rose and plant care as directed. This will keep bugs from coming back. I never see aphids or mealybugs. This is effective for scale also.

5-replace your ant stakes. They are the most likely source of mealybugs.

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richard, thanks for your advice.
I am still wondering, though, if anyone can tell me if they think doing all 3 treatments at once is a bad idea?

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

The All-in-One is all three, but you need to get the bug population down.

Multiple plants in the same water is not a good idea.

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Richard said: Multiple plants in the same water is not a good idea.
I echo his sentiments - this is a stellar method of passing along all kinds of fungal, viral and insect problems throughout your entire collection.
If you must mix up a giant vat of solutions, better to pour it through and over each plant individually, letting the excess runoff into the lawn.
Regards - Nancy

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