Phal question I need help!

alavoneluvhoyaJune 2, 2012

A few of my phals have been acting up and I am not sure why hopefully someone can tell me why they are having a hard time. on the blooming spikes all of a sudden the top half of the spike with dry up, change a brown color and my blooms will die. This has happened to 3 of them and I am maintaing the same care for all of my phals. any ideas?

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Sounds like something in your growing conditions are causing this.
Too hot, too dry, air conditioning, etc.etc. Where are you you in the USA and what are your growing conditions, temps, pots, sunlight. potting mix, watering routine etc. etc.

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I am in central texas. I have them in a west window on a table about 5 feet away from window. About 70s in my home not to exceed 75. I grow in bark mixed with shipping peanuts. my water routine is about every week with a feed every other watering half strength. the leaves stay a nice green color and have new growth. this is not happening to all of my orchids......i maintaing same care for most of my phals with the exception of a few that dry out faster.

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westoh Z6

How long have they been in bloom?
When my spikes are done (2-6 months for phals?) they usually brown from the top down and eventually die back.


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these spikes are doing this when it holds up to 10 perfect blooms that show no sign of aging. i will usually loose the older blooms first and then so on when my blooms fall off thats when the spike turns brown. on these i never lost any blooms the spike just turned brown and all wrinkle dry appearance.

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westoh Z6

No help here...

Can you think of any other environmental change? A/C now on, home improvement project, painting, etc...

Good luck,


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