black spot on peppers and leaves dying on tomatoes

tinabananaSeptember 2, 2008

this year is my first garden, and its all organic. im not really sure what to expect and what is normal or not.

so the beans did great and so did most of the salad, the boston salad didnt take for some reason. the 1 zuchinni plant that grew is huge and doing great. the honeydew and water melons are growing but no fruits yet, i dont think ill get anything from them. the eggplant never made it passed 1-2 inches. all the herbs including the tons of basil did great.

last i checked the carrots werent so hot, is there any way of telling when they are big enough other then pulling them?

all my peppers that i started inside did ok alot of them are getting these black spots that start rotting before they reach maturity. what can cause that? also will all green peppers turn red(or yellow or orange) once they are ripe?

my tomatoes that i started inside are also doing great i think. i have alot of them, some cherries and some heirloom. one thing i am not sure about is the leaves. is it normal for the lower leaves to turn yellow and die as the tomatoes mature? if not what is causing that?

ps id like to point out that the coyote pee i have been using on the perimeter of my garden has been working great. the woodchuck that lives under my shed (5 feet away from the garden) has only eating some of my letuce once. and its when i had not sprayed for 3 weeks. oh he also ate all the tops of my carrots lol

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The tomatoes drying up and dieing sounds like wilt, and this has been a bad year for it here on Long Island. Too much rain/moisture makes it worse, and the black spotting on your peppers sounds like a bacteria, which also is helped by too much moisture.

Nsxt year, you might want to plant wilt resistant varieties, rotate your planting, and use a thick organic mulch to regulate the moisture and prevent weeds. Blessings,


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