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jillocityJune 18, 2012

this is (i believe) a phalaenopsis, bought at walmart months ago. when the blooms died, i didn't know any better and i cut the bloom spike off. i would like an opinion on whether the foliage looks healthy; i'm assuming the spikes you see are air roots. i water it (or ice cube it) once a week. it has lost one leaf and pushed out 3 new ones. i would like to think it will bloom again. any opinions out there? thank you.

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westoh Z6

Look s good to me, 7 leaves on a phal is good and the 2 newest leaves are in the same or larger size range than the previous leaves.

If the ice cube thing is working, please continue but I would suggest taking it withe the clar pot out of the pretty pot and watering the heck out of it in the sink, let it stop dripping and then put it back in the pretty pot, maybe do this once a week or so or when the media (appears to be bark) becomes dry.

As far as blooming again, needs light and a usually a nighttime temp drop (20 degrees cooler than daytime highs) in the fall. Generally you should see a spike in the November time frame, flowers a couple of months later.

May also want to turn it 1/2 turn every week or so to keep it from trying to 'flop' towards the light. Don't do this once a flower spike appears, keep it orientated the same way while the spike develops or the flowers will not be arranged nicely on the stem.

Good job...


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