Phal Orchid leaf help

amye4369(6)June 8, 2012

i bought a Phal orchid a little over a week ago. took it out of the pot to make sure there was no moss, just the bark. there was bark so i let it be. i gave it 3 ice cubes like suggested. during the day i put it in a stained glass window(not too much sun, but it still comes through)

i noticed today while watering...or icing it, that the tip of 1 of the leaves has a reddish tint to it. the underside of a different leaf has slight red tint to it. well, its kind of purple? what does this mean?

it's a beautiful plant. i want to keep it alive as long as possible. also, when do you suggest repotting? from my reading online, its mature. it has 5 large leaves, the start of a 6th one. there are 2 stems of blooms on it.

any help is appreciated :)

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also, there are a few roots that are long(3+ inches) growing out of the pot. they are silver/gray but i can see green through them. yay/nay?

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zone 8(Zone 8)

First, 3 ice cubes is not enough water. Especially since you have bark in the pot. When you water you need to, I use a sprayer, water till the water runs out of the bottom of the pot. Then let it dry somewhat before you water again. Also would be nice if you used a weak solution of orchid fertlizer when you do this. I think the 3 ice cubes were for orchids in moss as it stays moist much longer. Second, the red is from too much sun. May not hurt but that is the reason for the red tenge. Then again it may be too much for the plant. Don't let it get too red. Don't worry about the roots outside of the pot. It is just doing what is natural. You can spray them also. I would wait till the blooms are gone to repot. I am sure someone will come along and help further. Good luck with your orchid. It is very pretty. Larry

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

I know the label said to use ice, but don't. Take the plant to the sink and run water through every part of the top of the pot. Then no water at all until the next time. Don't get water in the top of the leaves. If you do, take a corner of a paper towel and wick it out. Only water in the morning so that the leaves have a chance to dry out before the evening temperature drop.

A bit of red on leaves is ok but a message that the plant is near the top of the amount of light it needs.

Spray the external roots of you want but don't spray into the pot or the leaves.

Good luck!

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this is a picture of the discoloration. since i posted, i've removed it from the stainglass window, now its on the coffee table so it gets some light but less than in the window. i've watered it in th sink, let it drain fully. however, now every leaf has this reddish tint to it. help? :(

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

There are sixteen Phalaenopsis orchids next to the window in this room, about half of them have reddish tints to the leaves. I think the tendency is inherited and provided the leaves do not look washed out and deep red, it is not a worry.

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