Is my orchid beyond saving?

eliz07June 4, 2007

THis is how it looked for a few months after I bought it.

But then one of the leaves fell off and a few days later the blooms were droopy, and since have all fallen off. There is one leaf left. Is there anyway to bring it back?

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

To get help you need to give more information. Where do live (state)? Where is the orchid growing? How often did you water it? How much sunlight is it getting? etc.etc.

It might come back to good health by just improving your growing conditions.

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jamcm(Ottawa Area, Canada)

Hi eliz,

Ditto on what Arthur said, but I have a question about that pot: does it have drainage holes at the bottom? If the answer's no, then you've got part of your answer there. As well, the media does not look all that hot and your plant is likely due for a good repotting.

In any case, let us know where you are and how you've been growing the orchid, and we can better help you.


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wetfeet101b(z9 Riverside - So Cal- USA)

I would avoid glazed pots as much as possible since they allow for very little drainage and air circulation.
Even the roots need air and it looks like they are not getting any.

If you have to use glazed pots for decorative purposes, use a porous pot as the main pot. And then set it inside a bigger decorative pot that has at least 2 inches clearance all around between the inner and outer pot.
This will give the roots the breathing room they need.

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howard_a(z6 NYC)

A current picture would have been better to answer that question of course but, all things considered my answer has to be that this orchid is finished, or should be. Arthur is right, conditions were/are not to its liking for a very long time. Even if conditions are fixed it is my guess that it would be still a very long time before the plant got back to a point where it could be considered re-bloomable. There is a lot of information archived here and other places online as to what constitutes proper conditions for orchids in general and phals in particular. Before another attempt is made they might be consulted to good effect.


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I am no expert -- learning just like you -- but I would take it out of the decorative pot (is it still in the original plastic pot with holes in the bottom?) and then check the soil - if it is dry then soak it in warmish water in the sink for five minutes, let it thoroughly drain, and then place the plastic pot on top of a pan of pebbles with water. I put pebbles in the bottom of the plastic pot, too, so that the roots don't actually touch the water. This is the correct time to repot and replace the growing medium (I use sphagnum moss as it holds water and allows you to go longer before medium dries). Don't give up on the plant -- it is a nice plant even without flowers. It needs bright light but not direct sun. If it dies, it dies. Read up on orchids and get yourself another one while you are nursing this one back to health. Phals (like yours) are the easist to care for from everything I have read and been told. I am currently nursing 3 back to health. It's fun!

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