Relatively new to Oncidium and attempting to resurrect a Phal

chuck_greenthumbJuly 1, 2011

so i just got a great bargain on a blooming (spidery looking) Oncidium from my local growers/breeders and i have a vague idea about caring for it. so right now it's got about 7 flowers on a very long stem and pretty healthy leaves.

Accomodations: right now it's on a stand in a 2nd story bathroom facing a north window. the window is the kind you see in a greenhouse. cant see out of it very well but good lighting.

Lots of humidity. Roots look healthy.

How much watering should i be giving it? it looks like it's outgrown it's little plastic pot. anything i should be doing about that?

oh and anything i should be on the look out for to let me know that it's not doing too well?

I've had this Phal. for almost 2 years and it hasnt bloomed at all. I've been giving it some fertilizer but all i've gotten are lots of new leaves. nothing to let me know that it's growing any new shoots. so is there some way to use my fertilizer effectively or is there something i should be doing that i'm not?

It's also sitting up on the same stand as the Oncidium.

I water it about every 2-3 days since the weather started warming up.

gave it a de-rooting of old and dead roots about 3 months ago. on occasion i let it sit in water outside, round dusk.

(my brother has also acquired a Phal. but his doesnt look too good. The leaves look pretty wilty and soft.

It's just finished flowering and he keeps it facing a southern window with lots of sun. not too much humidity.

Is there something that can be done about wilting, soft leaves?)

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

The spidery looking Oncidium might be a Brassia or a Brassia mixed up with other Oncidium type orchids. You should be able to find some complete cultivation notes under Oncidium Intergeneric on the net.

There are some notes on getting Phals to bloom in the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: FAQ on Phalaenopsis Blooming

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thanks. i appreciate the help :)

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