will butternut squash ripen after harvest?

banjoniqueSeptember 26, 2012

I have a few hundred butternut and buttercup squash plants nearing harvest time and I am wondering if they are picked early if they will ripen off the vine? I want to prepare these bed for garlic in October. The butternuts still have a few green lines on them and the buttercups stems have not yet turned woody or gray which is my usual indicator........the huge amount of work to prep the beds for garlic makes me wonder if picking early might be an option.....what do y'all think?

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They can and will. If possiblr they should be stored someplace where the temperature holds between 5 and 60 degrees wqith an rH between 60 and 70, ie. a root cellar.

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gardenlen(s/e qld aust)

yep like all pumpkins butternuts will ripen after picking that is as fruit is. they are not noted for being the best storers, bit like the kent pumpkins aka jap(just another pumpkin) pumpkin.


Here is a link that might be useful: lens garden page

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Whoops. That storage temperature should be between 50 and 60 degrees.

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It depends what you mean by "ripen". If you mean that the taste and texture improves, then maybe. But they will never be as good as those ripened fully on the vine. Further, the shells will not harden and become protective for long term storage, as noted. So plan to eat them relatively soon.

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Nothing has the flavor of any fully plant ripened fruit but they will taste at least as good as those you get at your grocers, many of which have no flavor at all.

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In 2010 I grow butternut squash (Cucurbita moschata) & had 4 or 5 last till march of 2011.

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Thanks for all the help and tips

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