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larrylwill(7)July 17, 2012

I recently got into Orchids. A couple of years ago I bought some Phals at Home D. that never re bloomed. Last year I built a room off the bed room with all windows facing NW. I ran Air condition to it but no return. I moved the Orchids into that room this year on stands next to the windows. In the day the temp stays about the same as the house approx 78, at night I open the windows and let it drop to night time temps. Just for the summer.

I get afternoon sun and evening sun. Right now I have 4 phals out of 6 in bloom and all are doing well. This month I added a Sherry baby, Max tenuifolia, Rlc. Chia Lin, C. Warpaint, Rlc. Susan Fender �Cinnamon Stick�, Oncidium Twinkle - red. These new ones are blooming size.

My question is about light. The windows are double pane Low E meaning coated. I get evening sun most but not all filtered through a tree then the window. I can measure the candle power but since the windows are Low E will that filter out beneficial light? It appears not to hurt the Phals. Since they are blooming since I put them in the room. I do not know if its enough light for the Sherry Baby and Max tenuifolia. I will measure the CP and post tomorrow.

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

I can't answer you question about Low E glass as I have never had any experience of it. However, Oncidiums and Maxillaria require much stronger light than Phalaenopsis, as does Cattleya, though beware, as this one burns more easily. Most of my Oncs and Maxes grow outdoors in full sunlight with only a little shade during the hottest part of day,though they can do with less, whilst the Catts are in dappled shade all day. I don't know where you live, but I would be inclined to move most of these orchids out of doors for as long as temperatures are reasonable and shade the Oncs and Maxes very little during winter. Good luck. - Ian.

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I get 2000-3000 lumins with the late evening sun.

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It is important to let us know what zone you live. Please post back with more information regarding your zone and climate.

It appears you do not get enough light, even without the windows. Late afternoon sun is not enough to bloom the plants, (except the Phals) no matter what it measures. You need to move those plants outside, if possible. It is the length of time the sun shines in those windows.

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Zone 7 North East Alabama and I can not get morning sun. The front of the house faces SSE and the front yard is full of trees and only windows in the bathroom and kitchen. All the light comes from the NNW.

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Larry, I grow Sharry Baby and Twinkles both colors. They are very easy to grow as long as you don't overwater them. I love their scent.
I put all my orchids include Catt. which require strong light outside when temperature is above 50 in summer time and inside a sliding door facing east in winter time. They all bloom for me every year. Not only light is a fact, but also the temperature affects the bloom.

I recall you said your house is SSE face, you can put them outside in the summer/fall under yout tree, and bring them in for the winter. Do you have any sunlight comes in SSE after the trees lose their leaves? 3-4 hours of SSE sun will be enough. BTW, orchids love to be outside. They like air circulation, filtered sunlight, and lower temperature at night and high humidity near the ground. In your zone, you don't need to winter them indoor in lengthy period of time as I do here. They are quite tough and adaptable to their environment.

I was in the market searching low-e window and read some Low-e glass Spec. As far as my research go, there are 3 grades of Low-E glass out there. The lower grade blocks about

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I leave the windows open most of the time so the temp now is in the high 80's during the day and low 70's at night.
Well here's the thing. The Sherry Baby is about double the size since I got it 6 months ago. It also has some freckles which I read means too much light. Right now I have full sun on the small front unprotected porch.
So I am moving the Sherry baby, Twinkle, and Max tenuifolia outside there. Any others? The porch is getting about 50,000 lux right now, while the inside room is getting around 800 lux. Around 1pm the front porch will be in the shade as the sun passes over the house. I thought about putting them on the back porch but up here on the bluff we get high winds a lot.

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Larry, with this kind of temperature, I would move all the orchids outside. On the ground will be best if you don't have animal screw around. When the orchids on the ground, the ground supplies humidity which orchids love. Just not let them get under strong direct noon/afternoon sun. Early morning and later afternoon sun is the best. Each orchids has own light requirements. Catts. like most sun and Phals like least sun so spread them out accordingly.

My Sharry Baby multiplies very fast too. Isn't it great? You will soon see that Twinkles are even more crazy. I have to divide it every two years.
Just don't over water them, they will be fine. Have fun.

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Well I put them out yesterday but today the temps get over 100 so I brought them back in and opened the windows, it should stay under 90. I think I get enough light for both in my room. I get from direct through lowe glass and screens to dapple through the trees. Im getting 800 - 1500 Lux right now and the sun is right over the house so it will double later. It seems everybody uses Candle Power but its now an obsolete measuring system and theirs no good conversion to Lux.
Candlepower (abbreviated as cp) is a now-obsolete unit which was used to express levels of light intensity in terms of the light emitted by a candle of specific ...

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