Tidied in alfalfa pellets?

jmac30(7)September 2, 2012

Just cleaned up a new area to plant. Wanting to grow wheat and peas as a green manure. The OM in this soil should be fine (will get a soil test before spring planting) but was wanting to disc in some alfalfa pellets to benefit from the growth stimulant. I've been told this will not help but was not given an explenation. Any thoughts?

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Not sure exactly what your question is......are you questioning the info provided re: the alfalfa pellets? If so, I am not sure I agree with what you've been told. Alfalfa is a good source of organic nitrogen - applied now, it will continue to help nourish and establish any fall planted cover crops for several months still. It also contains a natural plant growth stimulator, triacontanol, which would also be beneficial.

If you wanted to do something similar in spring, also no good reason not to. And I doubt I would be very concerned about OM content next spring if you are intending on growing cover crops or green manure this winter :-) You should be well "covered" in that respect.

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