Temperature differential

bea(9a FL)July 6, 2014

I need advice about length of time my phals need the 10-15 degree temperature drop at night to induce blooming. I bought a small window A/C unit ($119 at Lowes) for my orchid room because here in Florida without it I can't give them that differential. According to the AOS culture sheet they need it for several weeks in the fall. But how long is that? If I have to use the A/C year round I will but if I only need to have it on say August through September it would help with the electric bill.

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shavedmonkey (Harvey in South Fl.)Z10b

Where do you live? In the fall you will get the temp drop. It is not the season for that now. An AC will take away the important humidity. I'd say not to worry about the temperature. Focus on the other requirements. Like light, water, fertilizer, air movement, and pests. Which you have on the AOS culture sheet.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Bea, this temperature drop stuff is confusing. The link is to an old, long FAQ that may help.

Here is a link that might be useful: FAQ on getting Phalaenopsis to bloom

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Can you put the plant outside? I can flower Phals in Florida as the night temps drop in winter. If not, keep the plant in the AC room without the AC during the summer. Phals like warm and humidity. That room should be humid if you don't run the AC.


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bea(9a FL)

Dahhh!!! i didnt even think about the AC lowering the humidity. My orchid / fern room stays at 77 degrees and 55-70% humidity. I expect mold to start growing on the walls one of these days. I live by Jax and temps are in the mid-niteties daytime and seventies night. I just have to figure out some sort of enclosure to put them in outside so the raccoons and armadillos etc cant get to them while they're rooting around.

So I'm taking the A/C back. Luckily we didnt unpack it. Thsnks for all your help.

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Good going! Stick them outside...


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