Interesting Sheath Problem

Jetson15(Va)July 20, 2014

One of my young Laeliocattleyas is trying to grow a bud sheath but appears to have a problem. I've never seen this before and wasn't sure if I could help it along or whether I just have to sit back and see if it can correct the problem itself. It looks like the sheath got crimped inside the leaf before the leaf opened. Seems to be getting more and more crimped as it grows.

Should I try to help it straighten?

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Do not fiddle!. Some will form a sheath and bloom straight away, others will bloom without even forming a sheath, others will form a sheath and do nothing for months and the sheath might even go brown and appear dead.

Do not fiddle, many orchid growers have and have broken off tiny buds.

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Thanks Arthurm

Just needed to hear someone else say it. The leaves on this particular plant grow out to a very flat posture. Hopefully, when it has fully opened, the sheath will be able to correct itself. The plant is quite young, so this may be a false sheath anyway. I'll show another pic in a few weeks so all can see what happened.


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