Watering or spraying Phalaenopsis

sjon(11)July 2, 2010


I have two phals in healthy condition. I spray the leaves a few times a day with demineralized water. My question is: do phals absorb water trough their leaves? And should i water the roots less if i spray the leaves?


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philohela(z8 Las Vegas)

Disclaimer: My Experience...

I do not spray/mist my Phalaenopsis orchids, even though my humidity is currently 23%. There are no adverse affects on my plants in low humidity, as long as i keep them evenly moist at the roots. I will spray the aerial roots on occasion, but misting the leaves can lead to crown rot. That's a heartbreaking way to lose a beloved plant, and preventable.

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Thank you for the response.
But i have a question about how to check if my roots are moist/ dry enough. I have 50% leca (those terracotta colored pebbles) and 50% wood bark chips as a growing medium. I cannot see how moist the inner part of the plant pot is.
As i read i dont want to develop crown rot. But root rot is just as bad i suppose?
Thank you

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I'm definately not an expert and have only grown orchids for a few years but when I first started I was given this idea. I use bark mixed with some spag and perlite for my phals - I have no idea about doing this with a leca bark mix but it's a cheap idea, maybe you might try it. When I first started growing phals and couldn't really tell when to water, I was told to pick up a pack of thin wooden skewers that can be used on a barbeque grill. They look like a large toothpick. Break each in half or use whole depending on size, and stick the skewer through the top of the media down into the root area of the plant. I'd pull the skewer out and put the end that was by the roots against my cheek. I would only water if it felt just barely moist. It works best if you put the skewer back in the same place. It helped give me something else to judge by.

I also don't spray or mist my phals but my humidity is at least 50-60 percent all the time. I do sometimes rinse the entire plant with water when I water them at the sink to clean the leaves. I then use a small piece of toilet paper to dry the center of the leaves.

Again, these are things that work for me, I have no idea if they will work for you in your conditions but possibly they might give you some ideas.

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This sounds like a great idea. I'm going to try this skewer system.

Happy planting peepz!!

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