New orchid spike or root ?

LamontakJuly 22, 2014

Hello to all !

I am an avid lover of orchids and have been for three years now. My two last orchids died when i was away from my home and my roomate has to take care of them.

This spring, i bought a new one and it seems to be doing exceptionally well!
It just grew a new leaf at the bottom which is now reaching an inch and upon further inspection, seems to be sprouting either new roots or a new spike even!

With the attached photo, could any experts help me on devciding if this seems to be a baby spike? (It is growing between two leaves so needless to say, I am very hopeful!)

Thanks in advance :)

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If you mean the rootlet on the root...umm a rootlet...if you mean something else, I don't see it.

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Definitely a root as stated above. Tip i learned when I first started growing: Root tips are green/translucent with a rounded tip. Spikes are shaped similar to a "mitten" at the tip and are usually a darker shade of green or slightly purple in color.

Depending on your location, now is the time for new roots and foliage growth (typically 1-3 leaves per year for phals) and if conditions are right you will see spikes emerging late fall to early winter when nighttime temps drop 10-15 degrees.

Good luck!

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