Black spots on leaves

mike423(5 IL)July 31, 2011

I have a Odontoglossum Orchid and some of its leaves have had very small block spots on the leaves. It seems to be on some of the older leaves and I was wondering what could be causing this and if there is a way to reverse or prevent this from continuing?

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Some orchids get fine black spots on the leaves that are attributed to high light exposure. Nothing to worry about and there is nothing you can do to remove the spots.
Maybe if you give the name of the orchid someone here will be able to verify that high light exposure is the cause.
One well known orchid where the harmless black spots are seen is Oncidium Sharry Baby.

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mike423(5 IL)

Its a Oncda Charlesworthii 'Mtdm Issaku Nagata Emi' Its had it somewhat since I bough it in the early spring but has gotten a little worse since then. The affected leaves have also been getting dried out on the tips and turning brown with black. Until about a few weeks ago I have Been keeping it inside and it hasn't been getting too much light. Infact that was why I moved it outside, I was told that if the leaves are dark green then its probably not getting enough light. I put it on my deck where it get light in the morning for a few hours and then is in the shade of a big tree the rest of the day.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Sorry there is no such thing as Oncda Charlesworthii 'Mtdm Issaku Nagata Emi'
does it really say that on the plant tag?

The little black dots are not a problem but dried out tips turning brown and black are are symptom of maybe overwatering.

Also, maybe the weather hasn't been all that kind lately?

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