Reflowering Cyms

ifraser25(z11 Brazil)July 22, 2012

I have a dozen large, mature Cyms. 7 flower regularly every year. 2 flower irregularly ie. once every 2 or 3 years and 3 have never reflowered. I have heard that some clones, those that have been bred from Chinese and Japanese varieties, require very cold winter temperatures to reflower, which we do not get, though this year has been colder than average. I'm sorry I don't know what mine are. They are all noids. I have also heard that some varieties flower better if they are allowed to completely dry out during the winter. A friend of mine has excellent results mounting Cyms, though they are mostly the miniature variety. I know this is not the standard treatment for Cyms and it will require some solid cord! I will also have to divide them up to a more manageable size. I'm just wondering if this might work, however...

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Cymbidiums can withstand a wide variety of temps from near freezing to hot summer but mine in the UK have to live between 5C-34C. My understanding is that they require a drop in temp between day & night to initiate the flower spikes. Mine remain outside in the Autumn until the night temps reach approx 5C and that seems to be ok for them. I never let mine completely dry out but watering drops from 2-3 times a week in the height of summer to every 7-10 days in winter. Mine are potted in a bark mix.

There are now some modern hybrids that have been specifically bred to be �heat tolerant or warmth tolerant� and these do not require the same drop in temp. however they are nowhere near as available as the �normal� cyms. If you divide a cym it may well miss a year of flowering.

It is interesting that you can get 7 to flower as this would indicate that you do get the temp drop needed. Also some hybrids will miss a year between flowering, so these may well be OK. As these others do flower, and you are unlikely to have such a large portion of � heat tolerant� varieties in your collection, I just wonder if there is a specific problem with the ones that do not flower such as poor potting material, lack of light or lack of nutrients.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Thre used to be a nursery in florida(US) that specialized in heat tolerant Cyms.They were doing crosses between the two races to get the large flowers while not needing a cool down. You can google "Heat tolerant Cyms" to get some names and locations.??
For me I always figured there are a gazillion heat lovers so never ventured into the They are spectacular both in flower and plant form though gary

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Purchased a cymbidium by an Apopka, FL grower at a big box store several years ago. It is doing great in Miami.

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