Wilting Flowers, not quite completely dry roots

MeggiePJuly 13, 2012

Hi All,

I have a phalaenopsis that's about a month old (well I bought it about a month ago) and some of the flowers are starting to wilt (interestingly the flower that bloomed the most recent is almost 100% wilted). I wonder if it could be a lack of water because while some of the roots are a healthy green but there's also some that are almost white (see picture - sorry about the quality). Also the phal is still in the original pot that I bought it in and looking at it more closely, it looks like the medium and the roots are packed too tightly so maybe re-potting needs to happen (also see picture). I have the phal on my window sill at work and it gets some sun in the afternoon. I used to keep the window open but then I realized that 90+ temps are probably not good for it.

So I think I'm going to repot it this weekend and see what happens. Any other ideas/insight into why the flowers are wilting? Oh, just had a brainwave - should I feed it some orchid food? Thanks for the look and help!


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

There is a link to a complete set of culture notes written for Canada in the Phalaenopsis thread down the page a tiny bit.
Extreme temperature range for Phalaenopsis is a low about 55F, High about 90F.
Direct sunlight and low humidity are not recommended.

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Maybe its the lighting, but the leaves look very dark as does the room it is in. What kind of lighting is the plant receiving? How often are you watering? Is it in the path of AC?


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I have fluorescent lights in my room, but I normally keep the lights off because I can't stand the colour the light gives off. I water about once a week. Interestingly my Mom has a phal as well but her roots are a super healthy green and her medium is soaking wet at almost all times, but I thought that could cause root rot or something? The phal is about 6 feet from the path of AC, so I don't think that could affect it. Thanks for helping me out!

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zozzl(z9 FL)

Phals need a good deal of humidity and the AC probably is not helping. Do you have it on a humidity tray? Phals need more water than say a cattleya because they don't have pseudobulbs for storing water, just roots. Most plants do better with morning sun than afternoon. Do not put water in the crown (center) of the plant as this can cause it to rot pretty quickly.

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Good news, I took the advice of zozzl and put the orchid on a humidity tray and WOW is it doing great! Thanks for the great advice everyone!

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