My new orchid from Kawamoto

catlover_gardenerJuly 18, 2014

I received yesterday from Kawamoto an orchid called Maxillaria camaridii. I was nervous about ordering orchids on Ebay, but I needn't have worried because the plant was a big one and healthy looking and was packaged securely and sturdily.
I did a lot of research on GardenWeb re Kawamoto and emails passed between us, so I took the plunge. Price is not bad and shipping is free, although it must have been included. Anyway....

I was satisfied and I think I will order from them again.

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Sometimes I want to order some orchid(s) from Ebay, But I have a friend here said that to import orchids or any plants from outside of the country, I have to have the plant inspected by a plant's doctor and permit and all that kind of rules. I'm too afraid to do that. I am wondering had anyone live in Canada ordered orchids on-line before?


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bea(9a FL)

Catlover how did you get free shipping? I checked out the Kawamoto website and here is what it says about shipping costs: "Shipping Charges are 30% of the item's cost (with a minimum of $25). Packing charge is an additional $10 per order".

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Their EBay site has free shipping.

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Thanks for responses.
I was nervous also but I watched their video re packaging and decided to take a chance and based on posts here in GB I bought the Max. Then I emailed them and told them my fears and they replied assuring me that they are the best at packaging and their products and if not satisfied, then return.
I am satisfied.
Their Ebay site per plantlady is free. Wd like to try bidding. Now that really scares me!

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Hi Catlover. I've put a link to thread started by Orchidnick that may be of interest.
Guess I'm a dodo, never purchased anything via Ebay.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebay discussion

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Max camaridii looks interesting, I think I'll pursue it, Kawamoto has more listed. Did you you buy it outright or bid on it and won?


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I bought it outright. I am not familiar with bidding and am nervous about it.

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