Phal leaf problems, identify?

cwcervantes(9A / New Orleans)July 3, 2011

Hi everyone! I've had this Millie's Brown Bacon (venosa x braceana) for about two years. It has been a vigorous grower, putting out lots of basal keikis and a spike a few months ago. However, after moving it outside for the summer, the spike turned yellow and now the leaves are too! Can anyone identify the problem? Is it excessive heat? The plant is very far from any direct light, though I do think one of the blemishes on the smaller leaf is sunburn from previously being in direct light. Any advice/help is appreciated! I've moved it indoors to see if that helps!

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You don't mention your growing Without that information, my guess is sunburn.


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The leaf on the right in the last photo is definitely a sunburn. I'm not sure about the yellowing, without other information.

What kind of temperature is the phal growing in? Lighting?


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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Not principally sunburn. Bacterial rot from cold, wet conditions.

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orchid126(z6, NJ)

When this happens to plants outdoors, it's usually the result of over fertilization. What are you feeding the plant, how much, and how often?

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