Strange looking leaf

tanie51(3b)July 18, 2014

Hello Friends,

I just found out this strange looking broken leaf on a new shoot of my oncidium. This is the one has been giving out ton of roots and not rebloom like some of it's housemates. and now I saw this. Wonder what that is. Looks like there is a leaf with a sheet wrapped around some more new leaves. But it broke off close to the bottom of the shoot and then the new shoot keep growing, pushing that broken leaf out. Could you tell me what it is doing and why it is doing that, There are more new shoots with that kind of wrap around too and I am afraid they might do that and would that harm the plant?

Thank you,


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My question is should I gently peel that wrap off to free the new shoot?

Thank you!


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I guess you could. Can't tell from the photo, but I would use your judgement and slowly peel it back and see whats under it. You could probably just leave it alone.


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Thank you Jane. I did peel it off. You are right. I could just leave it and the new leaves will push it up and out but I think the new leaves are happy to be free. Am trying to see if there's any sign of a spike but none. Just a lot of new leaves and million of roots!! Roots grow everywhere! I don't know if that is normal or not but I will just have to let it be. I brought this up a while ago but most friends on the web told me "be patience. Growing roots is a good sign too", so, I'll just be patience and see what it will do for me next....


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