Osmocote on Orchids?

shirley-z-8-txJuly 5, 2011

Can Osmocote be used on orchids? If yes which ones? How much? If not why? These are established in their pots and don't need repotting. Just curious, shirley

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Shirley, I use time release on all my orchids. I have used Osmocote for years. This year I'm trying a brand "Dynamite.' This contains trace minerals. I still use regular fertilizer whenever I fertilize my patio plants. Everything gets Miracle Gro or whatever I'm using.

I've never had a problem using it.


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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Yes. Any pelletted slow release fertilizer is good for orchids or any plant potted plant for that matter.Because it takes a while to get active I apply it just before plants really start to grow in early spring then again in early summer. I don't use it late season. I mostly use organic fertilizers these days however, which work more quickly.

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westoh Z6

Isn't there an issue with using time release ferts and RO water? I remember reading something about that in Orchids a few years back. That's the only issue to which I'm aware of using it on 'kids, well that and keeping the granules in the pot ;-)


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highjack(z6 KY)

Bob it isn't r/o that causes the problems, it is heat. When the temps go over 85 the pellet *may* explode and release all the fertilizer at once.

Nutricote and the generic version Dynamite do not have that problem.

I receive orchids from vendors who use the product so it must work for them. I don't use it since I fertilize almost every time but have considered it.


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I use Osmocote and saw a neat hint how to keep it in the pot especially for Vandas, put a bit of coco-fiber in the bottom of the slat-pot and drop the granules in the fiber, this keeps them from falling thru'... another hint was to wrap the granules in a bit of gauze loosely and flatten the little bundle.... both methods allow air to pass freely as well as water.... sally

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wuness(z5 IL)

ifraser25: I've always been under the impression that organic fertilizers are slow acting, often requiring alteration by soil organisms or other factors before they become available to the plant. Consequently they persist much longer. Inorganic fertilizers, on the other hand, Miracle Gro etc., are instantly available to the plant or are rather quickly leached from the soil and must be replaced more often.

Can you give me some examples of organic fertilizers you use?


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