orchid plant with no root

blutherJuly 1, 2011


New to orchids. My 1st purchase (phalaenopsis) couple of months ago and plant was in flower. It did have a mealy bug which I am sure I have eliminated (familiar with them from my cactus collection) but am watching every day (haven't seen any for 4 weeks).

After I purchased I noticed during the new orchid soil transplant that the roots were dead or near so. Only a couple roots that came close to being ok.

Over last 2 weeks the 3 leafs have wilted and I am misting them everyday. 2nd stem has one flower getting ready to bloom but other 2 buds have turned a wilted yellow look.

Question: Is it possible for orchid to put out new roots and what if anything can I do to help.


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Notes in the link relate to Phalaenopsis culture in Canada. You might be able to revive the plant by using the spag and bag routine but the road back will take ages. Maybe better to read up on culture and start again with a new plant.

All this misting is deadly dangerous, the plant likes to be moist but not continually wet and the roots must dry out a little bit between watering.

These are in my opinion not good beginners orchids (especially for here) but people cannot bear to throw a plant bought as a cheap bunch of flowers in the trash can.

I have about a dozen Phals growing indoors on the top of a heated fish tank. Winter sun filtered through matchstick blind.Current temp there 19C Humidity 64% .) Plants watered twice a week. NO MISTING!.

Here is a link that might be useful: Phal. Notes for Canada

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

It is quite possible for your plant to recover but as Arthur said, it will take time. Stop misting the leaves, that will only add to the problems.

I am concerned about the cause of the original root death. Most plants are ok when purchased and the roots died because the plant is kept too wet. Besides being too wet, they are often in too dark a location.

I am all for rescuing orchids, but they are not the way to start. It is possible for the plant to grow new roots, in fact it will do that given half a chance.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://blog.backbulb.com/

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Thanks for the advice. Update on my plant since yesterday.

Noticed that didn't quite get rid of the mealy bugs. 2 large ones on the underleaf. Decided to throw away as I have a large cactus collection BUT then questioned if the original store had a warrenty. They did so just returned today and exchanged for a desort rose cactus (didn't have any orchids remaining).

I have another orchid (phalaenopsis) which is doing quite well. Will nurture as best I can and learn from my mistakes. Have to say, only watering once a week if that, so feel returned orchid was doomed before purchase (with mealy and lack of roots). Not planning to give up on orchids as they are beautiful plants and like the challenge.

Again, thanks for the help / advise. Feel free to offer any other advise.


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You are learning...you threw it out. Your plant was doomed before you brought it home. In the future, check the plant carefully for pests and try to take a peek at the roots.


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